Bringsty Common

Bringsty Common Manorial Court

The constitution of the Manorial Court is currently being updated.

The term Manorial Court goes back to the Middle Ages when Bringsty Common came under the control of the Lord of the Manor, the Bishop of Hereford. Manorial Courts dealt with minor civil offences relating to contracts and land tenure. More information can be found here

The Manorial Court is a non-statutory body (does not hold legal powers). Its objectives are summarised in its new draft constitution as follows:

3.1 To manage Bringsty Common for the benefit of the commoners, residents and the general public, and to preserve the common and its flora and fauna for future generations, subject to the financial and other resources available.

3.2 In its capacity as supervised manager of the Common to represent the views and interests of commoners and residents and other interested parties to the landowner and other statutory bodies.

3.3 To provide a forum for discussion of ideas affecting the Common and for hearing the views of commoners, residents and other interested parties regarding the management of the Common.

The Manorial Court meets about four times a year. All are welcome to attend meetings. If you would like to contact Bringsty Common Manorial Court, please email the Clerk. 

The Manorial Court also publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Commoner. The most recent editions are here

Minutes and agendas of Manorial Court meetings are here