Bringsty Common

Woodland Management plan for Bringsty Common

Author: Tom Fisher

Entered: Tom Fisher - 20/06/2018

Bringsty Common Manorial Court has engaged a consultant to develop a woodland management plan for the 20 bits of woodland on the Common.

The idea is that, once the plan is finalised, we will be able to use the plan to bid for funding from Natural England for works to be carried out over a ten-year period.

The first draft of the plan is shown in full here.

Management Plan

The plan refers to the following maps, which might take some time to download:

Map 1
Map 2

In summary the plan sets out a “vision” to manage the woodland with the objective of enhancing the ecological value and ‘naturalness’ of the all parts of these woodlands, while enhancing and improving their current productive resource. This will be achieved through a coppicing regime.

It must be stressed that this is a first draft and contains no input from BCMC itself. We must also emphasise that, once the plan is finalised, there is no guarantee that Natural England will agree to fund the implementation of the plan and it is highly unlikely that BCMC would agree to carry out significant works without any funding.

We expect that the bulk of the cost of producing this plan will be reimbursed by Natural England.

Any comments on the plan should be emailed to by 31 August 2018.

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