Bringsty Common

Dangerous dogs

Author: Allan Corder

Entered: Allan Corder - 04/12/2017

A local lady who has been a regular walker on the Common, recently had a nasty experience . She & her little dog were attacked by two dogs, one a chocolate Labrador & another which looked like a rather large Westie but with grey hair. The owner was described by as a well-built woman, possibly in her sixties. She apparently had no control over her dogs who rushed to attack not only the little dog but also the owner who was knocked down or fell into the mud and was badly bitten in the leg & thigh necessitating a visit to hospital. The owner of the attacking dogs refused to give her name. The police have been informed. There has been at least one other incident of a dog attack on the common within the last year. The police do take this type of thing seriously so if it happens to you, please get as much detail as you can and report the incident to the police.

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